• being able to walk to get my daily groceries ~ not having to take a car & sit in traffic all the time.

•   farmers markets. Ultra fresh seasonal produce at reasonable prices. *sigh*

•   the people in my local bar who, after one week, know my morning order and my afternoon order.

•  the cornetti in Rome… oh my. We have a few great italian pasticcerie here in Sydney but I’ve never found one that rivals those in Rome.

•  the layers of history in the streets. I love that each road, old building and bridge in Rome has a story.

•  that people are not super-obsessed with being fit. They won’t decline an offer of dinner or a drink because they must get up to swim or cycle or jog or power walk at 6am.

•  The architecture. Great architecture. I love that buildings are built to really last in italy. The shutters. I love the shutters and the doors.

•  that traditional craftspeople and workshops can still be found.

•  that, for the most part, people make an effort to arrange themselves well

•  the passeggiata (evening stroll)

•  the general lack of chain stores

•  the richness of the italian language. The wide vocabulary.

•  that the young people of italy are interested and generally very knowledgeable on domestic politics. It puts us to shame.

•  the variation and change of seasons… celebrating Easter in spring and Christmas in winter

•  the softness of european sunlight

•  that good design is everywhere and it is prized

There are probably more things than this. Stay tuned.