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When Australians internationally, we’re pretty much always travelling long haul. It takes about 6 hours just to cross our country. Travelling from here to the northern hemisphere, we always cross seasons too, going from winter to summer, spring to autumn or vice versa. That usually means travelling to the airport in the heat & humidity, sitting or sleeping on a frigid plane for 22 hours or so, and arriving at your destination in the middle of winter with the hope that you’re not completely crushed and dishevelled and ready to negotiate local transport not looking too much like a complete foreigner. Or a packapooticket as my dad would say.

I know lots of people swear by multi-seasonal layers when they fly long haul, personally I don’t like anything constricting or that rides up or around when I’m sitting for long periods of time. So for me, I prefer a dress. I have one dress, my go-to dress that I always travel in when I’m going to or from Europe. Its a timeless black shirtdress made by Leona Edmiston that I bought here in Sydney about 10 years ago. She really does make the most fabulous dresses. I don’t recall exactly what I paid for it ~ but it has served me so well over the years I now realise it was well worth whatever I paid for it. When I get to my destination it can be easily washed in a sink, wrung out (gently wrapped in a towel) and then hung on a hanger and it will dry overnight and needs no ironing.

It is perfect for travelling in because:

  1. it is black and if I spill red wine or food on myself it won’t show
  2. its really comfortable and I can sleep in it
  3. it doesn’t crush
  4. its light-weight and cool enough to get to or from the airport in summer without getting too sweaty but…
  5. it looks great layered with very thin, black, warm thermal layers and tights for arriving in a European winter. I always carry a warm scarf (I use a large silver-grey fine merino wool scarf that I bought from Country Road) because I often feel cold on the aircraft.
  6. and most importantly, its smart enough for just about anything. I’ve have even been upgraded wearing that dress.

However… its coming to the end of its life, and I’m on the lookout for a replacement dress with similar attributes, and yesterday, I found this one at Witchery: http://www.witchery.com.au/shop/her/clothing/dresses/60162253/Rouched-Skirt-Dress.html

Witchery Rouched skirt dress $99.95

Witchery Rouched skirt dress $99.95

Its perfect because the pattern and ruching will hide a multitude of sins, from spills to bloating, it looks like it would be comfortable enough to sleep in, and its adaptable for any weather. By adding thermal layers, tights, long boots and a jacket its ready for winter, but peeling off the layers and little flats and would be great for warm weather too. The only downside with this Witchery dress is that the fabric is a little too thick to dry overnight.

I also dropped by Leona Edmiston to see if she has a current version and she does, although sadly, it doesn’t exactly fit the bill because its not black. I’m too messy to wear this colour on a flight:  https://leonaedmiston.com/online_store/view/1384/aretha_d875b

Leona Edmiston 'Aretha' dress $139

Leona Edmiston ‘Aretha’ dress $139

Uniqlo make fabulous ultra-thin, ultra warm layers that sit comfortably under a dress and don’t add inches to my size, and they can be scrunched up to fit into my handbag if I arrive in summer heat. They really do everything that they say they do. I’ve bought them at Uniqlo in London and in New York, and if we’re stopping over in Singapore I’ll always pick up a couple more… but soon enough, we won’t have to make a special trip because there will be a Uniqlo in Sydney ~ hooray! http://www.uniqlo.com/us/womens-clothing/collections/womens-heattech-collection

Having a go-to travelling dress + Heattech layers sorted means I never have to think about what I’m going to wear on a flight. Its absolutely brilliant! Usually, when I’m about to take a trip to Europe, I have enough to think about already.