Each week I venture over to the italian suburbs of Sydney to pick up the essential italian ingredients that cannot be found in my area. Usually this is un po’ prosciutto, formaggio, pane, pasta fresca fatta a casa (fresh home made pasta), prosecco and a few other things.

Lately I’d been craving Cacio e Pepe, that classic Roman pasta dish that we ate so often in Rome. I’d read many recipes but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t manage to make it taste anything like how I remember it… until…

Last week I came across La Pixie Dust’s YouTube videos. Nadia inspired me to make her authentic lasagna, and then, to my surprise, she did the recipe for Cacio e Pepe.

Here it is:

Her videos are funny and very enjoyable to watch, (specially with my Friday night Prosecco or Spritz), her observations on how foreigners mangle Italian recipes are hilarious!

Anyway, she mentioned that the Pecorino cheese cannot be just any type of Pecorino… it must be Pecorino Romano. Ah-ha!!! It proved a little tricky to find, but I did, in the end, at Five Dock, at Ranieri’s Delicatessen on Great North Road. He has two types, an Australian version and a robust Italian kind, which he suggested would be the right one for Cacio e Pepe. Here’s a picture of what’s left of it:

Pecorino Romano formaggio

He was right. Nadia was right too. The right cheese makes all the difference.

Era buonissima!